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How much does it cost to rest in Crimea in the summer of 2017

Many now ask questions: is it worth to go to rest in Crimea in the summer of 2017, how and on what to get to the Crimea, how much does the rest itself, the prices for housing and products? My spouse and I have been traveling to the Crimea for many years in a row in August, and sometimes even in May, to check on the situation before the summer trip. In general, we are in the Crimea is not the first time. In this article we will sum up the whole trip, how much and where was the money spent for a month of rest in Crimea in 2015, a family of two people. And we will correct the prices for the summer of 2017, fortunately for our friends in the Crimea we have a lot.

We have personally witnessed how the Kerch ferry works, as she grew and grew stronger, finally, to cope with the flow of passing cars. In the distant 2013, we stood there for 15 hours, then the waiting time only fell (not counting the truth of the most difficult for the Crimea and the whole of Russia in 2014). Spring trip to Crimea by car from Moscow in 2015 helped to make a decision that in August 2015 in Crimea we will eat on the car, on the long-awaited event called Befooz, and further we will continue our auto travel.Earlier, my husband wrote an article about how much money it will take to z people who are going to visit a strange disco (and now even an open-air museum) with the incomprehensible name Bifus in the village of Popovka in August 2015.

In this amount, we met, but let's in order, I'll sum up at the end of the article. I guess, that interest to travel to Crimea will only grow, because many areas are closed by anti-advertising, and the ruble will continue to interfere with the ruble zone for a long time. Again, there are those who are not allowed to travel abroad, so we are studying the budget for recreation in the Crimea on the example of a monthly residence in 2015.

About how to get to Crimea this summer, in the spring and even in the autumn, read in one of the following articles. All routes (except for a single ticket) are checked, do not be confused by the dates, we go to the Crimea every year and, accordingly, update the information and update the articles:

How much does it cost to get to Crimea by car in the summer?

On your car in Crimea it will be cheaper to go:

  • if you have a large family (after all, air tickets for all pour out into a tidy sum)
  • if there are fellow travelers, as in our case, we were accompanied by two more acquaintances with whom we were able to share the cost of gasoline and ferry on the Kerch strait
  • if you decide to travel on the last day, because tickets for planes are bought up very quickly.

About how to find the cheapest tickets for airplanes, as well as what can be considered cheap tickets to Crimea read in these articles:

If we did not find fellow travelers, then, perhaps, we would consider the option to fly on an airplane (after all, on an average of 27 hours on the road). Although in our age of rapid absorption by the global Internet network – you can always find fellow travelers to either side of our vast homeland. Now there are websites where you can find a car or companion in the right direction and at an affordable price. Going back to that, how much did we spend in one direction from Moscow to Crimea, heading to the village of Popovka, which is located near Evpatoria:

  • for gasoline (taking into account that our car spends on average 7-8 liters per 100 km.): 5700 rubles.
  • and on the ferry (for a car with 3 passengers + driver): 2300r. – in advance they took an electronic ticket for the ferry and felt for themselves how fast and convenient it was.

Total: 8000 rubles in one direction for 4, i.е. We spent half of our money with the wife – a total of 4000 rubles. In the opposite direction we drove in the same number of people in the car, so we spent about the same amount.Given the rise in price of gasoline, but the unchanged price of the ferry, in 2017, you will have to spend a little more money.

Total, there and back Moscow – Crimea – Moscow with the account that there are fellow travelers in the car, for two will spend 9000 rubles, if you do not have a car, then the second most expensive service is BlaBlacKar, the price to Crimea per person is 3000 rubles on average.

Roads in the Crimea in August 2015

The funny thing is that when they left the ferry and headed towards the planned point in the village of Popovka, they hoped that at least some part of the road would be repaired. But for all the time, as the Crimea was annexed to Russia and it began to pour in good amounts of money for the development of the region, the roads were in a deplorable condition, and remained untouched with their pits and bumps. It is true that during our holiday we heard that the President of Russia V.V. comes to Crimea. Putin. After all, the authorities of the Crimea behaved like one proud bird, until you kick it off. And already on the way back from Simferopol to Kerch saw solid repair work at all this distance, and most of the road was already laid. We left at night, so in the traffic jams because of the repair of roads were not included, but people (tourists of the Crimea) who were traveling with rest at the end of August were exhausted here in plenty.Well done, these proud birds, for two weeks have done all the year and a half, and even in the midst of the tourist season! But at the same time one pleases that now this section of the road will be in good condition and to go along it in the next 2016 will be a pleasure (the main thing is to finish the work!). And about the prohibition of Bifus, so this is a completely different story, but from the same series.

Prices for accommodation in Crimea, private sector in Popovka

Since we constantly go to our favorite party called Kazantip / Bifus, passing in the village of Popovka (in the Crimea in August), we rent a house in the same house for several years in a row. During the period of Kazantip / Bifusa, house prices are usually higher than in the rest of the "family" season. But in the summer of 2015 in the Crimea, local residents realized that it is not worthwhile to inflate prices for those who came to this event, because every tourist on the peninsula is now on the bill. The village itself is not a particularly developed place, only due to the holding of a given village disco here residents can earn some money. Popovka grew very much and was upset only thanks to Kazantip, so in the usual season of vacations, housing here can always be found for every taste and at an affordable price. there are practically no tourists, but a couple of hundred private hotels.At the same time the beach here is sandy very wide and long, and the sea water is clean and transparent. I'm not talking about beautiful buildings on the beach, not opened a museum under the open sky Beefus, where you can make stunning photos and video shots.

We with the spouse for a month of residing in number with the conditioner, a shower and a toilet, a refrigerator, etc. gave 25,000 rubles, taking into account the fact that half of the month of them is Bifus at a higher price. At the rate of 16 days a disco for number for two, and the remaining 15 days for 400 rubles per day.

Since then, prices in most of the Crimea for housing have grown. At the same time, there is no filling, but the owners of houses stubbornly overestimate the already low cost of living. However, the price of housing in the private sector of the Crimea is still lower than in most of the maritime zone of the Krasnodar Territory. And with a long lease you can rent a house not more than 1000 rubles per room or a one-room apartment 10 minutes from the sea. Having spent on living in the Crimea 30 000 rubles per month

Prices for products in Crimea

Immediately I will explain that the accession of Crimea to Russia affected the prices not for the better. Many, almost all, products and goods are imported from the mainland through the Kerch crossing, from here and the price is overestimated by 20-30%.But there are local products, the prices for which in the locality where we rested (Mirny village and Popovka village) were simply inflated (the feeling that fruits and vegetables were first transferred to the mainland and then back to the Crimea). Here, to compare watermelons in the market, locals sold to tourists at 20-25 rubles per kilogram, melons at 40-50 rubles per kilogram. Yes, where it is seen that watermelons and melons in the Crimea were so expensive, they are growing there. Familiar guys went to Bakhchisarai, watermelons were sold twice as cheaply at 10 rubles per kilogram. And when they came home they saw in their Moscow suburbs in the Auchan watermelon store at the price of 9 rubles per kilo. The same situation with vegetables, meat, milk. Even greater price increases are provoked by speculators and the lack of trading networks in the Crimea. So draw conclusions that earlier products in the Crimea were much cheaper and now you need to rely on a much larger amount.

Proceeding from this, for food in Crimea in 2015 for one month of rest was spent:

  • The first 14 days ate at the hostess – they gave 6000 rubles for two
  • the rest of the month they ate and cooked themselves, plus brought alcohol, as well as bought in the Crimea at crazy prices, plus to eat on the road – another 23,700 rubles

It's no secret that over the past two years, inflation has raised prices higher all over Russia.If being at home and buying goods at a discount we still manage to stack for two to 10-12 thousand rubles without sweet, alcohol and snacks, then in Crimea, even this figure will grow by 30%. In this way, for a summer month of living 15,000 rubles for food and 10,000 for rare trips to a cafe or buying alcohol. However, it is better to tie with the latter.

Total rest in Crimea

Total, for a holiday in the Crimea in 2015 for 1 month for two spent: 63500 rubles. From which you can draw conclusions about the possibility of living on the peninsula and choosing it as a place for the next vacation. We very much hope that the quality of services will grow regularly in the Crimea. A month of living in the Crimea in the summer of 2017 will cost a minimum of 55,000 rubles, another 10-12 tr. have to spend on the road.

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"Siberia" will fly from St. Petersburg to Murmansk




Siberia Airlines (S7 Airlines) intends to open flights from St. Petersburg to Murmansk. The route will open on June 1 and will be serviced four times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. .

Departure from St. Petersburg at 20:40, arrival in Murmansk at 22:45. The return departure at 23:25, arriving in St. Petersburg at 1:35. The Embraer 170 will operate on the line.

Tariffs in one direction start from 4950 rubles without included luggage and from 5450 rubles with luggage. For many summer flights on Friday, Sunday and Monday, prices are slightly higher.

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Train №104 Adler – Moscow will be two hours faster




The Russian railways will significantly speed up the train №104 Adler-Moscow with a new schedule. The travel time will be reduced by two hours, and the journey from Sochi to Moscow will take 25 hours. Departure from Adler at 16.54 (from Sochi at 17.36, from Tuapse at 19.31, from Krasnodar at 22.35), arrival to Rostov-on-Don at 1.55, to Voronezh at 10.36, to Ryazan at 15.42, to Moscow at 18.52. This schedule will be effective from May 31. The current schedule is less convenient – departure from Adler at 17.51, arrival in Moscow at 21.10, recalls sob. corr. .

Thus, train # 104 will be a significant competitor to another express – №102 (departure in the new schedule from Adler at 17.35, arrival in Moscow at 19.00). On the way to the sea, the schedule of train No. 104 did not change significantly – it is still two hours slower than No. 102. Departure of train number 104 from Moscow at 8.20, arrival at Adler at 11.49. Recall that the schedule of another brand train of this route – № 11/12 – is radically changed: from May 31 it will be on the road one night and two light days, not two nights.

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Carnivals that will not ruin tourists




Carnivals are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. And, while some tourists spend colossal money on trips to Venice, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, MSNBC offers to visit three not so famous and not so expensive carnival.

The Mexican city of Veracruz (Veracruz) every February holds one of the most colorful carnivals in the world. All those wishing to fill the stands of the local stadium to watch the contest of salsa. The local carnival is connected not only with music and dancing, but also In Las Vegas will open the world's largest show "The Beatles" food. Popular carnival dishes – sevice, butterfish in salt and prawns with chili and lime.

In addition to the traditional February carnival – before the Great Lent – in Veracruz is also a summer carnival costumes. In 2012, it will be held on July 15.

In the Greek city of Patras (Patras) every year on January 17 there is a carnival, which includes a festive parade, adventure game to find treasures, a children's masquerade and a series of costume balls. In addition to the fact that the spectacle itself is impressive, it's becoming cheaper to travel in Greece lately.

The most famous carnival in Brazil is held in Rio de Janeiro.But the largest – in Recife (Recife). It is called Galo da Madrugada ("Rooster at Dawn") and is held every year in February.

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